Eclipse the Earthstar is an onstage persona and animated prominent character in the comic and animated series, Earthstars: Children of Paradise Series created by the founder of Solel Media, Danny Asberry El. Eclipse the Earthstar brings multiple mediums of music, dance, culture and visual art! Through his persona he projects multiple experiences, vulnerabilities, and many of facets of life. In him, we find the more we know about ourselves, the more powerful we become. Eclipse himself represents a myriad of in-betweens in the sense of power, mortality and Immortality, sexuality, freedom and restraint, independence and oneness all at the same time.

Eclipse the Earthstars tagline is: “The More you know of your self, The More Powerful You’ll become!”

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“The Gods (ancestors) are in there, You just gotta find em”… Eclipse the Earthstar

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Danny Asberry El / Eclipse the Earthstar

Danny Asberry El is the founder of Solel Media INC., and creator of Earthstars Children of Paradise. Being a U.S. Navy veteran, his motto is always Honor Courage and Commitment. His mother is of Natchitoches Native American Descent from Louisiana and his father is a descendant of Pharaoh Ramses III. His parents met in Texas and his nationality is Moorish-American. Throughout all of the Solel Materials, Books and Eclipse visuals he creates reoccurring connections to his ancestry. Often being mistaken of African-American or Afro-Latino, we wanted to introduce the world to the lens of his autochthonous story, representation and ethno-nationality through conversation, renaissance, visual and performing art and more.

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Josh Hernandez

Josh is a powerhouse of talent. His vision and outstanding art ability is rarely matched. Hailing from Cypress, TX, his work ethic is impressive not to say the least.

If you’d love to see more of his art work, go here.

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Michel FG

Michel FG is special part of the Solel Media Universe. Hailing from Cuba, he brings attention to detail, professionalism and an uncanny talent as a penciler and creator within the organization. Saying he is a gift to us would be an understatement.

Catch him on Facebook here.

Contribution: Artist for Earthstars: Children of Paradise Comics and Animation concepts.



Talented photographer and beat king! Han$o delivers stellar art tracks for the Earthstars : Children of Paradise series. He sees apart of himself in Earthstar pantheon and he is a natural inspiration to us in the Solel Media family.

Check him out , go here.


Earthstars: Children of Paradise

The Earthstar Series explores ancient history, fashion, will-power and other aspects of the human condition through the main character Eclipse the Earthstar and his sister Astarte. They help to guide other earthstars to self-realization and how to hone their powers.

The CTF (comparable to today’s military) is an army of human and demon fighters sent to entrap a creative force from being born and raised on earth. They suspect its an Earthstar but not clear on which one. They fear that this unborn child may destroy their valuable power grid called the “Technosphere” (a psionic grid constantly fed by the negativity humanity emits). This device that is visible over the earth is controlled at the CFT headquarters located on the moon.    

Astarte sends her brother on a vision quest through moments in time to find himself, his powers and more inner strength for the battle ahead.

Knowing that her brother will come for her, Astarte allowed herself to be betrayed by Carl. The CTF mistakes her energy signature for the one they’re really after, which is Eclipse her brother!. While its true creative force is feminine in nature, her brother possesses access both sides of the masculine and feminine balance. She is captured and Eclipse leaps into action to save his sister thus speeding up the process of his vision quest due to the motivation to secure Astarte!  Other Earthstars are introduced in the process. Can Eclipse the Earthstar break the hold of the technosphere, demons, inner battles and save his sister? Will we be safe?


Earthstars: Children of Paradise

This Book is inspired by the Moorish American tales of creation. Eclipse is created by one of the Seven Elohim, particularly the Eloh of Man. Hearing the call of his earthly mothers his spirit bond to his soul enabling him to reach the plane of things made manifest (Earth) through the natural estates of his father and mother who wed prior to his conception, however when he gets there, he is attacked by an old evil of a high place! Can he survive? What happens now?

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EARTHSTARS : Children of Paradise Animation + Development


The Earthstars Children of Paradise Series features Moorish American, African, Native American, Hispanic and other cultural indicators to highlight and support animators, gamers and artists.

Character Development | Character Fashion Design

Scripting | Storyboard

Soundtrack | Background Scene Music

Voice Acting | Animation

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The solel media arm- Fashion and Style Division is run by Revalushion Management


Many of the fashion created by Solel Media INC., is inspired by the Autochthonous Moorish American lineages of Danny Asberry El. Those influences span from old Morocco, Andalusia, Asia, Ancient Americas, Papua New Guinea, Africa and more.

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